Chief & Council

The Council is the governing body of the Timiskaming First Nation. It's aims are to represent, support and enhance the rights and interests of the Nation and those of its members to the general public, governments, other First Nations and all organizations and institutions.

The Council consists of a Chief and six Councilors, they are responsible for providing public services to its members.

The Timiskaming First Nation Council office is located at.

24 Algonquin Avenue
Timiskaming First Nation
Notre Dame du Nord (Quebec)
J0Z 3B0

13 Kateri Street
Timiskaming First Nation

Tel.: (819) 723-2370
Fax: (819) 723-2799

TFN Council

Council Meetings are held every Monday evening at 7:00 pm at the TFN Council Office

Elections are held every 3 years in accordance with our Custom Electoral Code.

The key role of any Councilor is to provide good governance in ensuring that resources are converted effectively into benefits for the community. Each Councilor has a portfolio and is responsible to cover and track the progress of that services.




COMMUNITY SERVICES (Housing, Social Assistance)
Lynne Simpson, Kim McLaren

HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES (Medical Transportation, Health & Environmental Health)
Kim McLaren, Lynne Simpson

EDUCATION AND CULTURE (School, Childcare, Recreation, Culture, Post Secondary)
Shelley Chief, Colleen Polson

CAPITAL (O&M, Construction, Public Works, Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Infra-structure, Capital Planning, Environment)
Gerald Hanbury, Karl Chevrier

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (Economic Development, Capacity Building, Natural Resources, Community Owned Businesses, Corporations, Taxation)
Karl Chevrier, Shelley Chief

GOVERNANCE & PUBLIC SECURITY {under the domain of Chief and Council}, (Electoral Code, Membership, Elders, Youth, By-Laws, Lands and Trust, Membership, Emergency Preparedness)
Colleen Polson, Gerald Hanbury

(Left to right)
Karl Chevrier | Colleen Polson | Lynne Simpson | Kim McLaren | Terence McBride | Shelley Chief | Gerald Hanbury